Incisive Software Corporation


Incisive provides award-winning and innovative risk intelligence through spreadsheet management solutions. Our enterprise-class offerings provide visibility and control to all business areas that use or interact with spreadsheets. Incisive products have been recognized for accurately and reliably highlighting risks to give users confidence in their spreadsheet information. For more information about Incisive and the company’s solutions, visit





With the automation Incisive has provided, we have been able to significantly increase the efficiency of our audits, and get them done much more quickly than in the past.
- David Taylor, Director, Internal Audit, AES

Incisive software has incredible functionality, is detailed, and really flexible, but it was the comprehensiveness of their spreadsheet management software that ultimately helped us select the Incisive suite over other solutions.”
- Kevin Moylan, Vice President, Strategic Risk Management Officer, Cathay Bank

“As the size and complexity of our Excel files grew, so did the risk that human error could go undetected.  We used Incisive software to ramp up internal controls and reduce risk on our complex spreadsheets.”
- John Santon, Manager of Consolidated Accounting and Financial, Reporting for Caesars Entertainment