BlackLine is a provider of cloud-based solutions for Finance & Accounting (F&A) that centralize and streamline financial close operations and other key F&A processes for midsize and large organizations.  Designed to complement ERP and other financial systems, the BlackLine Finance Controls & Automation Platform increases operational efficiency, real-time visibility, control and compliance to ensure end-to-end financial close management, fueling confidence throughout the entire accounting cycle.





“I recommend BlackLine to any company that has a fairly robust chart of accounts, where there are a lot of balance sheet reconciliations and operations are decentralized. The real-time information that you get from it is invaluable. BlackLine is really our go-to platform.”
- Wade Pennington, Corporate Controller, SuperShuttle

“In addition to freeing up resources to divert to the SAP ERP implementation, we’re also finding that teams are now spending more time during the closing process performing analysis, drilling down into balance sheet fluctuations, and conducting other valuable activities there hadn’t been time for previously.”
- Pat Withrow, Accounting Director, The Dow Chemical Company

“With BlackLine, we’re able to handle our growth and not just with regard to reconciliations. We’ve added so much functionality that we didn’t have before. Yet, we’re probably still only using 50% of BlackLine’s capabilities. We’re only just beginning to understand its impact.”
- Charlotte O’Neill, accounting manager, Baxter Credit Union (BCU)